Learn tips and tricks (some undocumented) from one of the primary developers of Bugzilla
Audience: Experienced Programmers (Bugzilla experience helpful)
Presenter(s): Max Kanat Alexander
Length: 45m


Bugzilla has a ridiculous number of features, some of them undocumented. Come learn tips and tricks from one of Bugzilla's primary developers, including:

  • A description of the various Boolean Charts options
  • The various XML, Atom, RDF, and other formats that Bugzilla can generate (including some pages you might have not even known existed).
  • Undocumented additional search features
  • Searching the Mozilla Bugzilla from IRC
  • Advanced QuickSearch
  • And many more neat features

There will also be some Q&A at the end, so this is your chance to find out anything you've ever wanted to know about Bugzilla!

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