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Brief Bio Edit

Currently an intern at Ivy Tech Community College, working as an "Assistant Network Administrator". More details about my education is at[1].

Skills Edit

  • Online: I was introduced to the Internet in 1996, and then got my first web page in Geocities (that's how I learned HTML). Socially, I've been with the Fark,, and the Confessional Lutheran communities. I was introduced to Linux in 2005 and been tinkering with it since.
  • Open Source: I give away Ubuntu copies and OOo to those can not afford (or unable to use) the Microsoft products. When fixing computers, I advise people to try Firefox. I've just started a Joomla! page, but been too busy with my internship. I use Ubuntu on my desktop, with OOo on my lappy and desktop.
  • Programming: I know HTML and Java, but I'm more skilled with HTML/CSS than the latter.
  • Teaching: Just a few tutorials.

What I Hope To Learn at FOSSCoach Edit

I got an opportunity to assist with the Habari Project, but I need to learn how to use Subversion and CVS.

What I Hope To Share at FOSSCoach Edit


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