Brief Bio Edit

, retired from the Air Force, living now in Corvallis, Oregon, born in 1933. Adrian Wolfe and I created the game, The Glass Plate Game, played face to face, in person. Now to to work towards the Glass Plate Game playable on line if I can.

Though I've been using the net since about 1980, it has been only intermittently that I have been doing this. Since several years ago I have been scripting, making some progress towards having a web presence for the Glass Plate Game but not progress fast enough to be confident of ever having the game at this rate playable on line before the standards for the web would have changed enough to continuously leave the game behind what would be playable onlne. The remaining code that after some attempts at it I anticipate as likely to be the most dificult, if for me too do, is that to properly manage the synchronizing of players' browser displays.