To Do Edit

When Who What
Anyone Suggest other things to do to promote the event.
Zak Greant I need to write to the remaining 30 OSCON speakers who I know.
Zak Greant Write to journalists Bruce Byfield and Paul Hudson.
Zak Greant Ask the Mozilla Corp. PR team to help promote the event
Zak Greant Write to my Portland-area contacts (who aren't speaking at OSCON AFAIK) - Deborah Bryant,

Kees Cook (my doppelganger), James Duncan Davidson, Joshua Drake, Scott Kveton, Patrick Michael Reilly and Andy Wilson.

Anyone Contact organizers of LinuxFest Northwest, along with BarCamp Portland and BarCamp Seattle campers.
Anyone Contact local newspapers
Anyone Comb through Wikipedia entries for Multnomah County and Oregon for other ideas on places to write to about the event.
Anyone Suggest other things to do to promote the event.

Done Edit

When Who What
June 13 Marsee Henon Marsee blogged about the event at
June 19 Sam Keen Sam promoted the event to the pdxphp and pdxruby Google Groups (along with a few other Portlanders, including Andrew Morton)
June 19 Andrew Morton Andrew blogged about the event at after getting mail from Sam Keen
June 21 Zak Greant Wrote to the KPSU events address to see if we can get an event listing (and in the hope of getting a few staff out.) KPSU is a college radio station in Portland.
June 21 Zak Greant I've written to the Multnomah County Library, asking them to participate in (and announce) the event.
June 21 Zak Greant I've asked Selena Deckelmann to promote the event to the Portland-area PostgreSQL crew.
June 21 Zak Greant I've written to the OSCON speakers I know, in the hopes of getting them on board:
  • Amy Hoy (PHP developer)
  • Andrei Zmeivski (PHP Core Wizard; Unicode Madman)
  • Brian Aker (of MySQL and Slashdot fame)
  • Chris DiBona (Google's Open Source Lead)
  • Jono Bacon (Ubuntu Community Advocate and LUG Radio Live personality)
  • Josh Berkus (PGSQL community advocate and Sun staffer)
  • Marcus Boerger (PHP Core Wizard)
  • The Mozilla Speaking Contingent (Asa Dotzler, Chris Blizzard, Dan Mosedale, David Ascher, Dietrich Ayala, John Resig and Laura Thomson)
  • The OmniTI crew (at least, those that are speaking at OSCON - Chris Shiflett, Luke Welling, Mike Hillyer, Robert Treat, Theo Schlossnagle & Wez Furlong)
  • Sebastian Bergmann (PHP core dev and unit test wizard)
  • Tim Bray (Alpha Blogger; (Co-)Father of XML)
June 21 Zak Greant
June 21 Sam Keen Emailed Bjorn Freeman-Benson of the Eclipse Foundation to help promote the event
June 21 Sam Keen Emailed Bart Massey of the Portland State University to help promote the event to the CS dept.
June 25 Dietrich Ayala Posted about the evnt to the PDX Web Innovators forum

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