I've written the following to the Multnomah County Library via

 Dear Librarians,
 My name is Zak Greant. I am a staff member at the Mozilla Foundation (,
 the non-profit organization that helps shepherd development of the Firefox ( web
 Later this summer, we are bringing one of our programs to help increase Internet literacy to Portland.
 The program is called FOSSCoach and it takes the form of a free, three-day workshop focused on 
 teaching people the essential skills needed to participate in (and even start) open participatory 
 online projects such as Firefox and Wikipedia.
 The workshop brings some of the leading figures in online community development together to provide 
 live demonstrations, instructional presentations and hands-on coaching - all of which are provided 
 free of charge.
 I would love to get some librarians participating - I spent a tremendous amount of time in libraries 
 while growing up and have a deep respect for how libraries and librarians help nurture our cultural, 
 educational and scientific endeavors while protecting civil liberties.
 I'd also be grateful if you could announce the event for the benefit of your community.
 Additional details can be found at:
 Yours Truly,
 Zak Greant

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